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Note: Posted at Marisa's request from her blog...why don't you do the same? Read the whole story at her site (i've only quoted an excerpt below) and link back to her.

It’s about exploiting this incredible human network – our PLN – and mobilising it for issues not just TEFL; for it matters not when your son goes through what Luke’s son did. It’s about Luke as a father and citizen of Greece and it’s about his son, Michael Prodromouwho was recently arrested during the protests in Athens, Greece.

The Story of Michael Prodromou’s Arrest

On the 1st of July (2011),  Michael Prodromou got on his bicycle and made his way home from his office in the centre.  Michael’s office is the WWF local headquarters in Greece where he works as a science consultant on energy policies.
On his way back, he was chased, stopped, assaulted and beaten up by policemen who arrested and kept him in custody until Friday, when he was released pending his trial. If anyone is interested in reading the full report, I have attached the Google translation link here – it’s a pretty poor translation but you will be able to get the gist of the story.
Michael’s innocence will eventually be proven in the Greek courts of law. The falsified documents of the policeman who claims he saw him throwing stones at police will be shown to be fakes; there are numerous witnesses who will testify as to his whereabouts at the time of the alleged charge.
But his life will remain on hold until that trial takes place.

Luke Prodromou’s call for help

Here is the message Luke Prodromou sent me a few days ago. Please read and if you have the time, post on your facebook page or tweet this. It’s important to make this information known as widely as possible and any publicity, as Luke, says, will certainly help.

Dear Marisa,
Can you help?
Mike has criminal charges hanging over him for the next two years. He is obliged to report to the police regularly and is not allowed to travel abroad for the next two years, till the trial. All this is based on trumped up charges and documents tampered with by the police to lumber him with criminal behaviour.
Mike should not be a pawn in anyone’s hands - he should not be exploited for any political agenda…
We want the tragic mistake of his arrest and treatment acknowledged by having the papers of the case torn up NOW and forgotten so he can get on with his life as before…
We need to exert pressure to get him off NOW – we want to have the whole thing wiped out NOW.
We don’t know in 1-2 years time who will be in power and what else may change.
His innocence must be acknowledged NOW.
Mike’s physical safety and peace of mind now and in the future is the one and only thing we care about now.
Publicity is a powerful weapon.
Love and thanks,
Watch this interview here from minute 40:

I’m calling on my PLN to help disseminate this information

Articles from the Greek Press

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