Posting to Twitter, Facebook or Plurk from Google+

RSS feed for Google+ Public using

Add your Google+ user # to this link, and you can get an RSS feed from your Google+ Public Profile that you can feed into a Twitter service like or Here's what it will look like:

You can find that number on Google+ Profile as shown above.

Mine looks like this...if you click on the link below, it will open up to an RSS feed aggregator (e.g. Google Reader):
Using Twitterfeed, you can have share anything that you post  to your Public Google+ Profile to Twitter...and once on Twitter, to Facebook, if you prefer (or you can set that up separately!):

What would be even MORE exciting is to see if this works via to post to Plurk, then to Twitter and Facebook. I like to think of this as going "upstream" and pouring soap in the water and seeing it get distributed via other places (yes, I know you nature freaks would probably put something else in the water).

What success looks like....

Here's what updating the RSS feed posting in looks like:

Will it work? Who knows? Time will tell. My apologies in advance to Plurk, Twitter, and Facebook followers who may see various postings show up multiple times tonight.

Ah well, so much for Plurk posting.

The remaining question for me is, how do I post from this blog to my Google+ Public profile?

In the meantime, kudos to Mark Wagner for sharing the tip where I could see it, and Stephen Downes for the chuckle as he makes this dubious claim:

I've successfully harvested and parsed my Google Plus feed (using gRSShopper), and placed it on my home page. Have a look:
Unless someone else has a prior claim, I am staking the claim to be the first person in the world to have his Google Plus feed on his home page outside Google.

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