PhotoGrabber for Facebook - Mac, Windows, and Linux

When I saw the announcement of PhotoGrabber for Facebook, I decided to give it a try--on Peppermint ICE (UbuntuLinux distro). You can certainly download and install the easy to use PhotoGrabber on your Mac or Windows machine, but I was curious if there was a Linux section...sure enough, there was!

  1. Install the following software:
    sudo apt-get install subversion  python python-tk
  2. Then run the following command:
    svn checkout photograbber-read-only
  3. Change into the photograbber directory/folder created above:
    cd photograb*
  4. Run the program:
That took all of 5 minutes, if that, at the command line.

Here's what it looks like as it's going through the work of grabbing your Facebook photos....
When you click on the "I want to download" button, it takes you to Facebook so you can grant rights.

Click ALLOW button (doesn't appear in screenshot)
Copy the code that appears in the box above then paste it into PhotoGrabber dialog box.
Note the list of people from your Facebook....
Once the download is complete, you'll be able to open your pictures in folders...I've tried to represent different folders here without too many people's names:

That's pretty much it! Very easy! Much better than the web-based app I recommended earlier!

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