Most Hated Image - No Google+ Invite for You!

A colleague emailed me this screenshot when she realized the Google+ Invite I sent her, well, didn't work at that very moment she clicked on it....

Of course, this is the most hated image online right now. Why? Read the fine print in the dark box....
Users who have received invites aren't able to extend any additional invites at the moment, but you can fill this out to request one:

That's right, you didn't get in on the invite someone just sent you for Google+. It's getting a bit maddening to see entire conversation threads turn from reasoned discussion long request for Google+.

Here are some that have caught my eye from the Google-Certified Teachers list....
  • Blimey I started this post and I don't have an invite yet :)
  • If you find some invitations that need a good home, I would feed it and care for it. I also have several people in mind to share the invitations with.
  • Would you possibly have one more???
  • You are like the Google+ Santa Claus!
  • Thanks for the invites everyone.  Updating my Google+ profile right now! Seriously, my first impressions, though not recorded as eloquently as Miguel's, is:
  • Google+ = supreme techno geeky love.  Seriously, the interface is very slick.  Organizing connections into circles is super fast.  I love how connected services are with Google.  I think Google+ is exactly what people are looking for in a social networking tool.  Google, nice job! 
Well, for those of you whom I've tried to sneak into Google+, one more attempt....
Instead of sharing something with you via email in a post by typing in your email, I'm trying the create a Circle with you being the only person in it and then sharing it. Let's see how that goes.

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Unknown said…
Loved this post! Still wishing my invite will work.....sigh

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