Monday, July 4, 2011

Garage Door Opener Technology

Garage door opener transmitter...very much like the one my parents had in their car for many years.
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Whether you think the Chromebook is going to change the world or not, you have to admit that the idea of a technology as a garage door opener is engaging! Chromebooks are now available for sale via Amazon and Best Buy, but I found this write-up (excerpt below) by Chipp Walters to catch my attention and had to blog it:
Early on in life, I stumbled upon the concept of threshold devices. This is a device or product which makes a task so much easier it actually changes your behavior. For instance, my first house had a garage with a door which I had to manually open and close. Because of this, I soon learned it was easier most times to park my car outside than 1. get out; 2. open the garage door; 3. get back in; 4. drive the car into the garage and; 5. get out and close the door.
Then I installed a garage door opener and everything changed– I started parking my car inside. The simple process of pressing a button and watching the door open and closed, crossed the threshold of inconvenience for me and changed my behavior.
In some ways, my Google Chromebook does the same.
What technology is a "garage door opener" for you? That is, a technology--and it doesn't necessarily have to be hardware--that changes your practice and what you do?

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jonwilson said...

Modern garage door openers are much better because of advanced technology. Some have RFID detection, which makes sure only registered vehicles can get in.


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