Filtering=Good in GoogleApps for Education

A GoogleApps for Education (GAFE) school district in Texas sent me the following note a few days ago:
i understood that gmail under a google apps for education acct was going to have ability to filter student email for a bad words list.  i have looked and looked for this and cannot find it, searched google, w/ no results.  do we have to subscribe to another service like postini or gaggle for filtering if we use gmail for our student email?  or are there instructions somewhere to set up filtering in gmail for students? 
Today, there was an announcement from the GoogleApps for Education folks that answers this question nice of GAFE to make the announcement in time for me to pass on to the school district that asked:
Postini email services help provide Google Apps users access to robust, cloud-based email security, filtering and archiving services. Today, we’re excited to announce our first step in creating a unified Google Apps experience by moving some Postini features directly into the Google Apps administrative interface. 
The new Objectionable Content and Content Compliance email security settings, available directly in the Google Apps control panel, will allow admins to filter messages based on word lists or predefined sets of words, phrases, text patterns, or numerical patterns. And because these are built into the Google Apps infrastructure, admins will be able to use their existing user and organization structures set up for their domain to customize policies for different groups.
With these email filters and the walled garden functionality we announced earlier this year, K-12 schools will be able to address their email security needs and easily manage policies for students and teachers -- all within Google Apps.
For GAFE users, is this something you were looking for?

Update: Thanks to Eric Curts for sharing the following via G+:
Our school district currently uses Postini Message Security to filter and block bad words, as well as control who different groups can email. For schools that are using Postini Message Security (free for schools currently using GAFE) below is a link to the needed information. It includes my presentation that covers all the details of setting up Postini, orgs, filters, rules, and more. It also has a link to a Google Spreadsheet with a detailed list of all our inbound and outbound settings and filters.
Update 2 - Other Google announcements worth sharing:

  • A team at Google has been working on some high quality training videos on Apps that are available in the learning center -
  • You need to pay extra if you want to have Email Archiving, but it is available at a 66% discount to schools (although there is a minimum deal size for that of $1500). It is a cost per user per year. For more information and to contact sales see:

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Unknown said…
I'll have to actually see all of the settings before I judge it..hopefully all of the abilities in postini get transferred over and nothing is taken away. sounds good though.

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