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Posting Wordpress Blog Entries to Social Networks #Plurk #Twitter #Facebook (Updated 08/04/2011)

One of the fun aspects of having a blog is auto-magically posting its content to your favorite social networks, such as Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, and, of course, Google+. Unfortunately, some of these social networks make it easy, while others are just plain difficult. Finding one tool to manage all your social media/networking tools is important, but which? There are lots of choices and folks like lots of different ones, such as the following: (my favorite at the moment in spite of the ads in the free version)Tweetdeck.comSeesmic WebThere are other tools, but I've found that running via the Web is the way to go. I like Hootsuite because it allows you to schedule your updates to the network of choice. That's a pretty nifty feature, isn't it, especially for PR folks or school district communications?

To post to twitter/Facebook via RSS, use any one of these tools:

Friendfeed.comTwitterfeed.comNetworkedBlogs.comPing.fmTo post to, which can …

MoodleTip - Feedback and Solving Problems

Thank you very much for your e-book Adventures in Moodle Administration.Source: Email from Moodle user. 
It's always great to get affirmations like this one about the work one does and I'm certainly grateful to my PLN for providing those in abundance. However, every solution brings new opportunities for learning in the form of problems:
Thank you very much for your e-book Adventures in Moodle Administration.  I've been trying to replace a fried Moodle server with a new one using 2.1.  The old server I setup using XAMPP, and really didn't have any problems once I got it working in our DMZ.
I've tried to follow your excellent directions, but I've run into two problems, if I could impose upon you and ask for your help.The first is logistical - my old server was simply [anonymized to protect emailer's privacy]Now it seems that I might have to append /moodle to that address?Is there any way I can get the old address to work?
Second, I seem to h…

How to format FAT32 on GNU/Linux

Note to self: Here's how you do it. Don't forget.
sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1 -n udrivethe -n udrive names the flash drive that's being reformatted. vfat is the FAT file system mkfs is make file system sudo grants admin rights.

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MoodleTip - Uneditable Summary Section in #Moodle

Earlier today, a colleague at a university sent me an email asking for help (actually, the second one in two day from different folks!). The problem was that the edit button on the summary section in the topic list of a Moodle course was not editable.

Here's the problem as it was described to me: Even though many are worrying about 2.0 install issues, I took your advice and just did an upgrade to the latest 1.9. I have a problem that may be an issue for other moodle administrator's as well. In Moodle 1.9, I had a teacher open the top box, the header, and do a manual cut-and-paste into that section, without uploading a graphic file. What it did was "freeze" that area, so I cannot get into that section and delete the graphic. How can I get to that section to make edits? The problem looked like this on the screen: Fortunately for this Moodle course, the problem has been encountered before (although this was a first for me!), as I found out after an extensive google search (…

Job Posting - Director of Professional Development

A note from the TCEA Executive Director....
TCEA will be adding a third director of professional development immediately. We are looking for someone who has been a district technology director or CTO in a 4A or 5A school district for at least five years. Information on the position is attached.Here's the job description that was shared...looks like a great opportunity for someone! 
Job Description for Director of Professional Development

Job Title:Director of Professional Development
Reports to:  Executive Director
FLSA Status:  Exempt

SUMMARY: Work with staff to provide training opportunities to TCEA members across the state and at the office in Austin. Work with the board liaison to schedule workshops and presentations for the annual Tots and Technology conference. Answer phone calls and email on a daily basis.

Plan, develop the content for, and provide regular, ongoing professional development opportunities to TCEA members and non-members includin…

The Role of Schools - Developing Student Social Skills

A Church sign on the way to the swimming pool this weekend read:

"Forbidden fruit. Creats many jams."
When we focus only on the non-virtual social culture of schools, are we abrogating our responsibility to help our children develop social skills they will need as adults? 

As I was poring through my morning email spam, an article from THE Journal caught my attention. It wasn't the article's title--The Virtual School Debate--that hooked me, but a sentence embedded part of the way through the teaser article.
Certainly, educating and preparing students for a successful future is far and away the No. 1 mission of every school, but it is not the only thing schools do: Among other things, they also serve a custodial function, provide hot meals and help young people develop social skills they'll need as adults. If I could revise that line, it would read, Schools also help young people develop social skills they'll need as adults.
That's a pretty tall order, especial…