Zork - A Writer's Paradise

Watch The Big Bang Theory reference to Zork...

As a teen, I had the chance to play Zork on my Apple //e computer. To be honest, I found the game quite difficult but the mystery and allure remained with me. As much as I like the video-rich games available now, including awesome action like the ninja rabbit game, Lugaru 2: Overgrowth (which I pre-ordered 2 years ago or so), Zork continues to hold my interest.

Josh Caldwell--guest blogger at Dr. Scott McLeod's Dangerously Irrelevant--shares the following:
Using the (ridiculously easy) Inform engine, McCall and Martin are empowering their students to write interactive fiction (and non-fiction) while introducing text-based gaming to a whole new generation. Using Inform's incredibly intuitive syntax, students can demonstrate historical knowledge by building realistic (yet entirely textual) worlds, or work through the epic format with an interactive narrative.
I'm going to explore this and I'm grateful to Josh and Scott for sharing it!!

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Paul Alex Briseno said…
I never played the game, but I used to love the books! Going to have to check this out.

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