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As a wannabe journalist, I find myself following the plight of journalists and that field with a close eye. After all, what writer who dabbles in non-fiction doesn't imagine that, "That there for the grace of an Editor, go I?"
“The work” is just that — work — and as part of the work, you have to get off Facebook and go outside and speak to real live people. You have to read, widely and voraciously. You have to be curious about those who live in skins other than your own. You have to learn what makes a good story and how to tell a good story well. (Read More)
Mindy McAdams, blogging at Teaching Online Journalism, nails it, doesn't she? If you want to get a great reputation, you have to do stuff. . .and you have to not be selfish. It's great advice for living, not to mention journalists. Mindy focuses her blog entry on the value of the work we're about and that leads to our brand.

If you're not familiar with the idea of a brand, consider the perspective that your brand is your reputation...what some call your digital footprint.
If you don't brand yourself, you can rest assured that others are branding you. And letting others brand you can be risky business. Instead, we should have control, as much as we can, in determining our reputation, our image, and the intangibles, the ephemerals, and the perceptions and ideas that other people have about us. (Source: Garr Reynolds as cited here)
Garr's point is well-taken, but Mindy's hits home. If you want to create a brand, you have to first get the work done. The work, whether it's a 7000 blog entries before anyone notices, a million words or so, still boil down to getting it word at a time.

When asked, "How do you write?" I invariably answer, "one word at a time."
Source: Stephen King

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