MyNotes - Students "Demand" More Online Education

One of the most challenging statistics for education is the one highlighted below...if only 26% of teachers surveyed expressed interest in online teaching, what happens to the remainder with the big push towards online teaching?

Another question: It seems unlikely that school districts will be able to maintain their own elearning platforms in the face of the amount of money pouring into this area...consider K12, Inc.'s efforts in wrapping up elearning at the state level. If the focus shifts from having online courses available to providing "vetted" or "high quality"--two terms that often don't reflect the work of public schools in the eye of legislators--will taxpayers be the ones paying for their children to attend at "private" online schools housed in today's public school system classrooms?

Students Speak Up With More Demand for Online Ed. - Digital Education - Education Week
    • Students Speak Up With More Demand for Online Ed. By Ian Quillen on June 28, 2011
      • , the "Learning in the 21st Century: 2011 Trends Update" reports that two in five students believe online classes are an essential component to education, and that administrators' concerns about funding online courses are (slowly) fading, while concerns about evaluating quality of online courses is rising.
        • only about 26 percent teachers surveyed expressed interest in diving into online teaching if they hadn't already done so.
          • while high school students saw benefits in online learning for practical reasons, like conforming to schedules and earning early college credits, middle school students saw intellectual benefits like gaining extra help for difficult subjects and feeling more comfortable and more motivated.
            • district-level administrators were found to be more supportive of online learning than on-campus principals
              • "The district-level superintendents or administrators are much more visionary thinking [about] what the long-term implications are. ... Principals are more narrowly focused on living right now today and dealing with today's issues."
                • The trends update follows two recent releases Speak Up during the spring, one that updated tendencies in technology use among teachers and other education personnel that came out in May, and one summarizing student and parent technology use that was released in late March.

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