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By happy coincidence, I cleaned out my inbox (I achieve inbox zero once a month and then get buried by countless emails, even with filters running!) and ran across an email from Lisa Johnson, a new blogger--that I'll hope you'll visit--in San Antonio, Texas sharing her new iPad focused blog! One of my favorite categories on her blog is the Hot Apps for Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), and is definitely worth checking out! I also liked her iPad lessons.

Here's the original email from Lisa Johnson (Twitter: @ComputerExplore):
 I am an Instructional Technology Specialist with NEISD  and have been building a blog devoted to educational uses and resources for the iPad: techchef4u.wordpress.com as well as building a social presence with LinkedIn and Twitter. My Technology Director...had mentioned that you would be a good resource for these goals. I would love to get your feedback on my site and some tips for continuing to build a social presence. Thanks so much for any information or guidance that you can provide.
Of course, I immediately wrote her back and promised to feature her blog in an entry then lost the email as a few hundred more hit my inbox. Here's the email I sent her on tips for her blog:

Thanks for sharing, Lisa! Your blog looks great! Before I direct visitors, a few suggestions:
These are detailed in this blog post for bloggers:

Making these adjustments will allow you to measure how many visitors you're getting daily, monthly, etc. and provide the valuable feedback you'll want as a blogger.

Some other blogging tips and about blogging from my past writing:
You can read Lisa Johnson's blog on iPads and more at http://techchef4u.wordpress.com/

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TIm Holt said…
It is funny that in one blog entry (Librarians) you are dissing the iPad technology, and in another you are showing how cool it is..

Mixed messages?


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