Thursday, June 16, 2011

Impossible Mission? - Importing Wordpress XML into Blogger


For fun, I'm helping someone (@dcannell) import their Wordpress blog into blogger but have encountered the ubiquitous error:
"Sorry, the import failed due to a server error. The error code is bX-i1hhru"

I've split the XML files into smaller pieces, modified them using the Google Data Liberation Tool, then attempted imports with file sizes ranging from 221K to 3.8 megs. No luck.

Does anyone have suggestions or should I just point the person to or something like that? They are a Catholic school trying to consolidate their work within Google tools. What's frustrating is the Wordpress import/export worked just peachy.

(Plurk discussion here)

Other Stuff I ran Into:

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What is CRM said...

Really impossible mission for mouse but mouse is too clever he was gone to won.
Thanks for post..

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