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Earlier this month, I received the following email with a request to share it. Funny enough, I also had a request today from a colleague to share STEM resources. What a perfect storm! So, below the email from Mr. Crouch about the web site above, you will also find new social bookmarking tool that's graphical and supports collaboration--design I put together for fun this morning.
My name is Brandon Crouch and I am currently a teacher in Fentress County, Tennessee.  Fentress is a very small community in the eastern area of the state. The school system services students that are socio-econmically disadvantaged and schools have rates of sixty to eighty percent free and reduced lunch.  This summer, the teachers and staff of some of the schools have created a free S.T.E.M. camp for any student in 5th-8th grade wishing to attend.  The kids have learned a great deal and have been very excited for the opportunity. I wanted to send this e-mail sharing our blog link in the hopes that you may be able to extend it to your network and let teachers and other interested colleagues see how important and fun S.T.E.M. learning can truly be! Plus, the kids love comments.  
Thanks for all that you do.

You can find lots of great activities on the STEM Camp's web site, and it's all worth checking out!

STEM Resources in Miguel Guhlin (mguhlin)

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