Embarking on the Journey - #Google+

Over the last 48 hours, there's been a lot of hype about Google Plus, what it can do, etc. But what grabs me about the advertising is "nuance." So, I found myself asking colleagues for a Google + invitation earlier tonight (30 minutes ago), and now, thanks to one person's generosity, I am about to accept that invitation (a portion is shown above in the screenshot). And, Google Certified Teachers are sharing changes they'd like to see....

Before I take a look, I thought I'd reflect on my hopes for Google Plus:

  1. Facebook changes its privacy settings when it serves them, not me. I hope Google+ will give me more control so I can funnel content to the right audiences.
  2. RSS feeds and integration of content so I don't have to mess with Ping.fm, Plurk, etc.
  3. It would be nice to more easily differentiate delivery of my posts so that not everyone is bugged by my posts (e.g. some family/friends say, "Miguel, why are you always on task?")
  4. Image gallery integration and control
  5. A replacement for Skype, and all that now that Microsoft took them over
  6. All things.
See? That wasn't so hard. Ok, here I go....
About to Join

After I click the JOIN button, this pops up:

And, that's it!

I really like the Circles idea...this is what drew me to Google+ and I hope will allow me to drop Facebook. I immediately started going through my addressbook (it pulls your contacts in for you) and sorting them...gee, what do you do with "cross-over" folks? Mix 'em up!

What's neat is that it pulled my Picasa images in without problem....

Here's what someone else's profile looks like....

First impression? Love it. I'll be opening this up instead of my gmail first thing from now on.

Oh, how to invite folks...going to try this next:

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Ann Oro said…
Now to figure out how to +1 this post.

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