Friday, June 10, 2011

Ebooks and eReaders @Area7TCEA $49.99 ebook reader Aluratek Libre

Carolyn Foote (@technolibrary) speaks TCEA Area 7 Technology Conference on Oodles of eBooks. Thanks to Wes Fryer, who was keynoting at the event, for recording and sharing the preso; read about his experience doing this with iPad App Cinch.

I couldn't agree more with Carolyn's positive assessment of the Barnes and Noble Nook, "designed to use with a lot of different readers," the Color Nook, etc. As a proud Nook owner myself, I'm so grateful to Bud Hunt for his recommendation. 

Of course, I'm fascinated by a lot of new possibilities for eReaders that are low-cost, such as the Aluratek Libre 5 inch ebook reader available from NewEgg for $49.99!!! until 6/16/2011.

It supports PDF, TXT, FB2, EPUB, MOBI, PRC and RTF. 24hr battery life. SD card expandable. I haven't tried this one, but I'm definitely thinking about investing in one like it.

Unlike the Nook and other eReaders, the Aluratek Libre doesn't have wireless. . .and that's fine with me! I load tons of books available for free via USB cable and seldom use the wireless on my Nook (except when actually buying a book).

Some highlights from a review about this device:
  • Aluratek helps you out by providing an SD card with the reader that has 100 books preloaded. They are classics such as Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, War and Piece, Wuthering Heights, etc.
  • Books can also be purchased through
Read more a full-featured review here

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Dorothy said...

Kia ora

I am hoping you might be able to help us. We are using an Ubuntu OS on our ASUS eeePC netbooks at our school in Auckland, New Zealand. We really need an eBook reader for our netbooks - especially one that handles DRM for books loaned from our school library system.

Do you have any suggestions of software we should try? I wasn't sure whether to contact you via your blog or the GCT forum, so apologise if there was a better way to ask. I did think that if anyone would have a good suggestion it would be you :)


Miguel Guhlin said...

Dorothy, i tried to respond here -

Hoping this is helpful to you,
Miguel Guhlin

Dorothy said...

Definitely - most helpful. Also your post about the Linux video editor. Can't wait to get some kids to download it on Monday and try it.

Thanks very much for your help and time


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