Crowdsourcing CyberBullying Admin Procedure


During the old TIFTECH Training years ago--which I was a certified trainer--I found discussions about policy and leadership the richest sources of ideas and conversations. Looking back, I often wish now that I'd been a blogger back then (when blogging was non-existent as far as I knew) simply to mine the rich topics that arose.

I remember one conversation in particular. It took place in a faceless library in a school outside memory about the role administrators play in crafting administrative procedure and influencing school policy. I was not yet the mighty blowhard expert you see before you today, instead, a humble learner gathering crumbs from the tables of my betters. In that conversation, superintendents debated about how to best craft administrative procedures that would govern actions in schools.

My own experiences in this now have laid to rest any illusions I had about this process of negotiation and capitulation (laugh). But now, we have the ability to have a broader conversation and discussion about administrative procedures, especially those that deal with a hot topic such as cyberbullying.

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Anonymous said…
Having a general procedure in mind is a great idea. The procedures set out here would wear you out after the first 2 incidents. There is no way, in a super busy day, you could keep up with all these forms, mapping routes to class, adult witnesses etc.

A good, sound, investigation run efficiently will garner enough information. Then after you have dealt with the incident, take a few moments to document your efforts for the file.

Good luck!

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