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Texas CTO Conference 2011

Steve Young (Judson ISD, San Antonio, Tx) was kind enough to share a link to the resources from the Texas CTO Conference which took place recently. Kudos to all presenters for sharing their focus on cloud computing in light of big cuts. I regret I was not able to attend (our offices are moving and personal commitments that kept me at home).

Below are some of the highlights worth taking a look at, stripping out the agenda and other stuff:

1) Education Technology in Transition: An Update from the Texas Legislative Session Anita Givens, Associate Commissioner of Standards and Programs, Texas Education Agency Educators know that these times are fraught with across-the-board cuts that bring uncertainty to planning and implementing technology initiatives.  Ms. Givens will provide a state technology leader’s view of the legislative session and special session.
2) Going Google – Coppell ISD and Spring ISD

3) “To the Cloud”:Moving an Organization to the Microsoft Cloud –Plano ISD and Judson ISD (P…

Encrypting for Dropbox

Update 05/28/2014 - TrueCrypt is now defunct

Update 01/3/2012: I now recommend the free, open source AESCrypt in lieu of AxCrypt as a simple, easy to use cross-platform encryption tool. Find out more here.

I wrote about Encrypting Your Dropbox files before, but found this LifeHacker article touting the greatness of BoxCrypt. Of course, I immediately looked for something like what is shown in the screenshot below:
I've highlighted the FREE option. If you click the Download Now button, you get the Windows version.
Installing the Mac or Ubuntulinux versions requires a bit of work. I'm sure it's not impossible, but at this point, remains my favorite cross-platform, free open source solution and recommendation.

Update 01/3/2012: I now recommend the free, open source AESCrypt in lieu of AxCrypt as a simple, easy to use cross-platform encryption tool. Find out more here.

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Google+ for Your Mobile Device

I was just wondering how I was going to access Google+ on my Android (or you on your iPhone) and then saw the link....

You can get it to send you the link to your phone and you are set. See you on the move!

Update: Darn, it's not working on my Motorola Cliq running Android 1.5. Sigh. No upgrades for me until next year (that's the sound of teardrops on my keyboard).

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Google+ Circles and More

Ok, it's early and I'm writing this in response to a detailed TechCrunch blog entry, Walking Around in Circles. Several points are made:The old “I don’t want my boss or my mom seeing my drunken pictures” thing is the oft-cited rationale for why we need groups. But Twitter and now Facebook have slowly been changing that mentality in the public psyche. Increasingly, everything we do online is becoming public. You can say you hate it all you want, but it’s becoming more accepted each day. And this will only continue. This is the company that wants to organize all of the world’s data. In order to do that, don’t they need all of that data to be public? Doesn’t it seem like they should be pushing the fully public Twitter mentality more than private group sharing? It sure does.My initial response to the blog entry was posted on Google+ but I thought I'd throw it here as well. The author of that blog entry makes some good points but just because people haven't had easy access--…

Embarking on the Journey - #Google+

Over the last 48 hours, there's been a lot of hype about Google Plus, what it can do, etc. But what grabs me about the advertising is "nuance." So, I found myself asking colleagues for a Google + invitation earlier tonight (30 minutes ago), and now, thanks to one person's generosity, I am about to accept that invitation (a portion is shown above in the screenshot). And, Google Certified Teachers are sharing changes they'd like to see....

Before I take a look, I thought I'd reflect on my hopes for Google Plus:
Facebook changes its privacy settings when it serves them, not me. I hope Google+ will give me more control so I can funnel content to the right audiences.RSS feeds and integration of content so I don't have to mess with, Plurk, etc.It would be nice to more easily differentiate delivery of my posts so that not everyone is bugged by my posts (e.g. some family/friends say, "Miguel, why are you always on task?")Image gallery integration …

Inspiring 5 Conversations Blog Posts

To be honest, I had no idea that 5 Conversations I don't want to have anymore would inspire such interest. I've been tracking visitors from all walks of life, educators from other countries than the United States, and I'm grateful for the feedback.
Even more exciting is that 5 Conversations has inspired another blog post (it's all about conversations, right?) by Lib-Girl. Check out the first paragraph and then read the rest on her blog: The other day I ran across this post about educational conversations that have run their course. That is to say, ed-chat (not to be confused with #edchat) topics of discussion that have been discussed to death. We've all heard of educational "sacred cows," well... these are their "dead horse" companions. Naturally, this got me thinking about a similar list of library related conversations that I am tired of having. 
Read the rest over At the Adventures of Library Girl!
What 5 Conversations do you want to stop having…

MyNotes - LMS Transformation

I love how this opinion, especially the title, was written!! Kudos to Gary Brown.

My Notes
LMS, Tear Down This Wall! -- Campus Technology
LMS, Tear Down This Wall! For the LMS to remain relevant in higher education, it must move beyond the classroom and integrate seamlessly with the learning opportunities presented by the web. By Gary Brown06/29/11The LMS will change the nature of instruction and assessment in the same way a granite wall changes the flow of a river. Over the last 25 years or so, we have watched as the wall dammed the flow of learning and contained it.As pointed out in Glenda Morgan’s watershed study, "Faculty Use of Course Management Systems,the primary benefits of the LMS were in the area of classroom management.The LMS brought the convenience of online grade books, resource distribution, and a drop box for student submissions--the utilities of academic hygiene.Instead of the LMS, they used wikis, blogs, and emerging Web 2.0 resources.The future of the LMS can be s…

Bombs Away Technology - Training...Not Part of the Plan

Have you found a decrease in training on technology the new status quo in your organization? I was conversing with a colleague today and he shared that at a recent gathering of K-12 Chief Technology Officers, the topic of training educators on new technology came up. There seemed to a prevailing tendency reported among the CTOs to roll out new technologies without setting up formalized training for the end users. My take on this new trend was that it was not out of necessity that formalized training was not part of the equation, but rather part of a new "process" for introducing new technologies to educators. (Read More)Earlier this evening, I found myself meditating on the recent wave of cuts to Educational Technology staff across the State of Texas. As "training" and professional learning facilitation opportunities switch from one size fits all workshops (e.g. Intro to the Internet) to meeting the niche needs of high-end users (e.g. Analyzing Social Media as a Too…