Quark Express for #Free for Teachers #edchat

A colleague recently shared....

For a limited time, QuarkXPress 9 is free for teachers. This short article tells you how you can register for a free license for the software and how to receive it. They're calling it a "Teacher Try-It" program. The full version of the software retails for $799, and the education version is $199.
Now it's free though for teachers.
I remember using Quark back in the old days--when you had to load it off a floppy disk--but have since switched to Scribus for Desktop publishing. Scribus is free, open source software and does some nice stuff! Combine Scribus with OpenClipArt...

From Scribus' web site:

Scribus is powerful software that helps you create great looking documents of all kinds. It also comes with a lot of support options to help you achieve the best result. There is an enthusiastic and friendly community around Scribus that assists beginner and pro alike through our mailing listIRC channelwiki, contracted support, and the bugtracker.
You can make amazing publications with Scribus like the example below
Scribus pen.png The easiest to point out aspect - the software is Free. You don't pay us a dime. Scribus is licensed under General Public License, which makes it free and legal for use in any setting including commercial and governmental organizations.
Scribus pen.png Professionals and amateurs are producing top-quality publications with Scribus, which is why the list of the Scribus success stories keeps growing year after year.
Scribus pen.png Scribus produced PDF files are RIP-ready. Scribus PDFs are being constantly tested on both cutting edge printing house equipment and low-budget printers. The Scribus Team makes it its highest priority to respond to PDF generation inquiries without delay. Scribus was the first software to support several new generations of Adobe's PDF specifications well ahead of the commercial software.
Scribus pen.png Scribus User Mailing List is very active. Many Scribus Team members and professional DTP specialists frequently answer questions posted on the list.
Scribus pen.png A wealth of documentation including How-TosTutorials, and articles on just about any aspect of DTP and Scribus in several languages are present in our Wiki.
Scribus pen.png Several books in three languages have been published about Scribus, so you could probably find one that'll get you started right away.
You can get a version of Scribus for GNU/Linux, Mac or Windows. What are you waiting for?

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