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How exciting! For the first time in history, the TCEA Technology Education Coordinators Special Interest Group (TECSIG) is conducting its first virtual meeting. Normally, TECSIG would meet in Austin but not today, not in these trouble economic times. It appears that Tim Holt (El Paso ISD) is hosting the meeting using Adobe Connect. Yay!

Official Recording available
Note: Check back frequently and reload during the meeting for updated content.

Here is a slideshow of screenshots I took:
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Speakers included:

  • Byran P Doyle, Treasurer of TCEA TECSIG
  • Jennifer Bergland, Legislative Update
  • Lee Sleeper 

  1. 70 people in the session! Note agenda shown right.
  2. $608 million available through the Instructional Materials Allocation (IMA) for this biennium. This can be used to fund staff. Lots more stuff, check out the slideshow for great details Jennifer Bergland shared.
  3. SIG Officers get training now from, that's great! 
  4. Register for Leadership Forum online
  5. Overview of TCEA membership benefits (check the link from Lee Sleeper in the Relevant Links section)
  6. - Candace Threadgill did a "wonderful job" in making partnership a reality. This provides 8th grade technology literacy assessment for free to Texas school districts. Great! It will involve a pre and post-assessment.
  7. Board Meeting Transparency - a form was signed that nothing from a TCEA meeting could be shared. This created distrust and the appearance that the Board is behaving in a clandestine manner. Starting with the October, 2011 meeting, all meetings will be broadcast and in "open meeting." Great!
  8. Karen Kahan's (TEA) Info:
    1. Important ongoing initiatives and heads-up
    2. TECH Apps TEKS REvision
    3. TxVSN - 7184 students taking HS courses, remainder taking dual credit courses
      1. Summer allotment for TxVSN is still in effect
      2. Take advantage of the summer allotment
      3. Waiting to find out about the legislative decisions that will affect TxVSN
      4. Wonderful way for students to have access to courses that meet the TEKS
    4. Best practices for school success are available.
    5. Earn CPE Hours Aug2nd through 5th -
    6. Please let us know how NCLB funds have made a difference
    7. Eighth graders who are ready for high school courses can also take TxVSN courses this summer and earn allotment- see TEA letter to administrators Jan 7 2011 (via Kate Loughrey)
    8. Project Share - state portal for lots of stuff (not Karen's term).
    9. New content on iTunesU Texas Education. Please add podcasts, videos, etc. Submit content to and email
    10. Commissioner of Education is so dedicated to Project SHARE and funding that they will find funding for schools (sigh...I wish they had this commitment for EdTech Funding)
    Questions Asked:

    • Will NCLB Tech Reporting requirements go away if funding remains at zero? (Miguel Guhlin)
      Response: Meeting at end of June with feds. There may be new laws that pertain to EdTech. We will find out a lot more towards the end of June. At this point, we have not heard anything about the requirements going away.

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