#Moodle Server - Set Me Up! Class Available

Want to setup a server for Moodle, but don't know how? You've heard it takes Linux, but you work in a "Microsoft shop" and no one knows how to do GNU/Linux? Or, are you like me, someone who wants to learn how to setup a Linux server to run Moodle and other Web 2.0 solutions (e.g. Wordpress) just for fun?

Whatever your motivations, Ken Task will be offering a class in San Antonio, Texas on this subject. You can view the flyer for details, get the PDF version (Printable) version, and/or visit the web site.

Session description includes the following:
A CentOS 5.6 Server Install Fest - ie, BYOLB - Build Your Own Linux Box.OS + Webmin + Moodle + config and scripts. Limit of 10 participants.  Participants bring their own Linux compatible server (with Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse + net cable) for development or production.  Installation will be done over the network.  Server participants bring (model/specs) to be Red Hatcertified.  Please see https://hardware.redhat.com/index.cgi for compatibility guide (use the link for version 5) 
In addition, participants should bring a laptop (Mac or PC / wireless/wired) which has DVD burner for remote admin of their own server and burning their own DVD install disc. (blank disc provided, ISO files provided).
Although the "official" registration form hasn't yet become available, you can indicate your interest online.

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