#Moodle #Moot in Houston #Texas

You are invited to the First Annual Houston Moodle Moot Camp
FINAL moodle Camp Banner.jpg

from 9:00 am – 3 pm
@ 4001 Hardy, Houston, TX 77009

Our idea is to get Moodle users from the various educational entities in the Houston and surrounding area together to share tips and ideas, as well as, attend workshop sessions to develop skills and knowledge.

Please click here to register for the conference. 

If you are an experienced Moodler We Want You to volunteer to lead a session. thumb_unclesam.jpg
Please indicate that you want to present on the registration form.

Once registered, you will be emailed a link to a Google Form to register for sessions. On the form there will be a list of sessions, dates, and times. Sessions are limited to 20 per room so please submit your session choices as soon as possible.

HISD Online Learning TeamHOT-hotTipFW20.jpg
HISDOnline | PD Clearinghouse
Professional Development | Houston ISD
4001 Hardy St. 77009, Rt. 8
713-696-0659 or x359

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