Installing #RainLendar Calendar on @PeppermintOS ICE

It's funny the answers you can find via Google. While skimming the Peppermint ICE forums--procrastinating going down to walk on the treadmill--I ran across this question:
Is there a calendar that I can use in PI that will allow me to enter information such as birthdays and important dates and then pop up a reminder on the desktop on a set date?
I have searched Synaptic but there is a bewildering amount of stuff there and I'm not sure if any will do what I want. 
Source: Dave on Peppermint ICE forum
After a two second Google Search, I ran across Rainlendar Lite (also available for Windows) via this blog entry (2007) which seems to fit the bill! 

Rainlendar events can be given different colors and icons, making important events easy to spot. Upcoming and long term events can be displayed differently as well. When an event is due, an alarm can be set off either prior to the event, or at the actual moment of the event. Another nice feature of Rainlendar is its ability to display multiple calendars, so you can have one for birthdays and holidays, one for homework, one for TV scheduling, etc. Source: Free Download a Day

Although I use GoogleCalendar for my needs, it seems fun to have a calendar on your desktop that will help you track your events and to do list:

To install it on Peppermint ICE, I had to first sudo apt-get install tofrodos and then download the appropriate deb installation file (top left box on the image) and install it (sudo dpkg -i rain*.deb). Worked like a charm!

If you want GoogleCalendar integration, all you need to do is pay approximately $15. Of course, the free version probably will meet Dave's needs just fine.

Of course, there are other options that don't cost money. Consider Conky and these instructions (didn't work for me, though gcalcli sorta worked). 

What are you using?
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