In Memoriam - Dr. Sue Espinoza

Dr. Sue Espinoza

Once upon a time, I drove 35 miles (as I recall) at the end of a long work day from Mt. Pleasant--where I served as a third grade bilingual teacher--to attend edtech graduate courses at Texas A&M at Commerce. It was in that effort that I met Dr. Sue Espinoza.

Though her spinal condition made her short in stature, tilting her right shoulder higher than her left, Sue had a habit of looking up with a smile at you, and asking great questions. Over the years, every encounter with her was a joy and I came to look forward to those. I appreciated the trust she granted me on some issues, and I'm profoundly grateful for her encouragement, her teaching and learning. Even when in a temper, her good-hearted nature ended every conversation with a smile. 

When she set me to share what I knew of EdTech with others in the class, she helped me appreciate the importance of tapping into the knowledge of adult learners one seeks to teach. It was also in her class that I learned that no matter the challenges one faces, one can still smile and ask questions to make others think.

It seems such a little thing to write of someone as open-hearted, as supportive as Dr. Espinoza in this blog, yet, I hope that this entry will call attention to someone who touched so many lives, hearts and minds. 

Goodbye, Dr. Espinoza...You will not be forgotten, not your timeless smile or the lessons you taught by who you were.

My special thanks to Tammy Rushing from Mesquite ISD for bringing word of Sue's passing.

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Unknown said…
Thanks, Miguel, for sharing your comments about Sue with us.

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