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The following question came up....
If someone has created a Google Site under ISD edu.Google, can it be exported to a personal Google account?Also, if an edu.Google Site is made public...can anyone view it or is it still private outside of the district?
Here is one response along with other neat resources shared by Google Certified Teachers:

Hola! Two approaches to get this done:

Approach #1 - Copy this Site
"Copy this site" feature available that you can use to copy a site easily from a personal account to an Apps domain.
Add your apps account as an "owner" of the site. Then access the site from your apps account, go into the "manage site" general settings, there should be a link to copy the site. It will then copy to your apps account domain.
In your situation, try it in reverse?

Approach #2 - Data Liberation Tool
 If you're working with GoogleSites, you can use a free tool to "liberate" your Sites wiki by backing it up, then importing it into another GoogleSites. 

The tool comes from Google folks who want to live on the open web. The site is 

I wrote about this--including my settings, which weren't obvious--in this blog entry:

If using this approach, you will need to update any absolute links that link within the site, while links to outside websites should be fine. Relative links (../example/thisisawebpage) and docs will transfer over without issue.

Hoping this is helpful,
Miguel Guhlin

P.S. Other GoogleSites resources:
Web sites made by GCTs and others (this was a recent question, so mine the treasure!)...

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