Goodbye, EdTech - Trimming the Tree of Liberty


The public education system has sheltered and served many a a tree of liberty. To see it being destroyed, chopped down so methodically, especially the hacking at the roots that provide sustenance for the whole--educational technology--is...well...Unbelievable.

Hunter, chairman of the House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education, explained that the bill is targeting the elimination of 43 programs characterized as "duplicative," "inefficient," or "a poor use of taxpayer funds."
"The [United States] Department of Education currently administers more than 80 programs tied to K through 12 classrooms," he said. "It's time to trim the fat. Today I will introduce legislation that will eliminate--not consolidate and not defund but eliminate--43 wasteful K through 12 education programs."...Among the programs to be eliminated in the bill are Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT), Title II Part D of ESEA. EETT provides the sole dedicated source of federal funding for education technology.

Sheesh. You know what's a poor use of funds, inefficient? Today's legislators at the State and Federal level. Time to vote them out and save public schools from "reforms" that are designed to cut down the tree of liberty.

Time to remember the work of Thomas Paine:

But hear, O ye swains, 'tis a tale most profane,
How all the tyrannical powers,
Kings, Commons and Lords, are uniting amain,
To cut down this guardian of ours;
From the east to the west blow the trumpet to arms,
Through the land let the sound of it flee,
Let the far and the near, all unite with a cheer,
In defence of our Liberty Tree

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Patricia Startz said…
People at my school looked at me like I was crazy when I told them they could tie this all back to the successful overthrow of the Eqyptian ruler, almost without a single shot....It scared politicians

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