Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finding a Podcatcher for @PeppermintOS ICE

gPodder (sudo apt-get install gpodder)

Driving home from work today, I realized that I hadn't been listening to podcasts recently. Not one. Caught up in a maze of text, it dawned on me that listening to fresh ideas had ground to a halt. After meditating on this, I realized that because of all the different operating systems I play with, I had skipped setting up a podcatcher or software to quickly download podcasts.

While many use iTunes on their Mac, my predominant platform is Peppermint ICE, and since I'd set that up some time ago, I hadn't really spent time getting podcasts going on it. So, I went looking for a podcatcher that would work on Peppermint ICE. There are many possible answers to that question, including the following (not an exhaustive list and the install command from terminal suggested):
  • Amarok - sudo apt-get install amarok
  • gPodder - sudo apt-get install gpodder
  • Miro - sudo apt-get install miro
There are many others, some command line, that I haven't really "gotten" into. Since my preference is for simple, single purpose tools rather than complex juggernauts that do everything, I found gPodder to be the better solution for my needs at this time. As nice as Miro (shown below) is, I simply get too distracted surfing and downloading more content than I can allocate time to go through...sort of like too many feeds in Google Reader.

For example, I wanted to quickly download the audio files in their original format (e.g. MP3) then convert them to a format I could burn to CD or drop onto my phone or Nook. My preferred sound format is OGG, so that's what I'm converting to, as I shared in this blog post (step 17).

The next step is figuring out what podcasts I want to download; here are two that I'm listening to (Note: Links are to RSS feed for the podcast):
  • Shifted Learning Podcast - I picked this one up from Bud Hunt. I know I'd listened to a shifted learning or shifted leadership podcast some time ago that I really liked, and I thought this might be it.
  • TheTightWadTech Podcast - This one is a great one because it gets into the nitty-gritty of free software tools.
Of course, there are zillions of podcasts out there you can listen to. EdTechTalk.com is one great place to get started as an educator. You can find a complete list of shows you can subscribe to here, or subscribe to all of them in one fell swoop.

As Tom Hank points out in this Yale talk--shared with me by Gordon Dahlby via Facebook--there are tons of media competing for your attention. Narrowing one's vision to focus on specific items in front of you, well, that can help narrow the choices and keep you from tripping.

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