Saturday, May 21, 2011

Buon Giorno - Great Restaurant in San Antonio #sanews #food

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Over the last few weeks, my wife has been dragging me off to eat at a little "hole in the wall" restaurant known simply as "Buon Giorno Cafe." My first visit there immediately woke my tastebuds up as I bit into a pastry that I can't pronounce or spell ("Cannoncini") but that was feather light, creamy and delicious. I've fallen in love with the wide variety of soups--lentil, minestrone, chicken, and others--that precede every meal, as well as the sandwiches. The chicken salad on croissant sandwich is to die for, and my personal favorite is the tuna melt, although I can understand if some don't like tuna.

Desert, as I've said before, beguiles the tongue with sweetness with light pastries, cookies, and more. My recent favorite is the 3-berry pie. I don't know what 3 berries they are, but surely blueberry, rhasberry may be two of them and it is simply delicious.
Buon Giorno Cafe 15033 Nacogdoches Rd # 201, San Antonio, TX 78247-1222(210) 967-9830 ‎

I took a picture of the menu and it appears below...if you're in San Antonio, give it a try. Great food. More about it here.

From Drop Box

Full Disclosure: I was not bribed with food, money or any other incentive to write this blog entry. However, I would be happy to accept an entire 3-berry pie if the owner would stoop to provide it. ;->
just joking...great food inspires sharing!

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