4TVirtualCon - Optimizing Professional eLearning Opportunities #moodle #edchat

Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to present at the 4T VirtualCon once more. My preso is about 90 slides, but only about the first 50 were intended for the session. Most are "extra" in case we had more time to share stuff. You can find all the materials referenced in the presentation online at 

The session description included:
Professional learning challenges enable us to show off our instructional design capabilities using technology. Moodle, a course management system, enables professional learning opportunities that can reach a wide audience with diverse needs. Learn how you can optimize professional learning in your K-12 adult learning environment.

My thanks to Diana Benner (dbenner.org) for jumping in on the preso at the last minute, Peggy George and Kristy Vincent for being supportive during the preso and through some connectivity issues I experienced.

For me, part of the fun included discussion of the following:

...teachers confide that they can't possibly create 32 different lessons for each of their students...When we give up control and empower the students to learn the way they want with the tools they want, the results are terrific and the students are partners with their teacher in designing learning methods, tools, and environments that are best for them.
Source: The Innovative Educator blog - http://goo.gl/3ZULP

What are your thoughts?

By the way, you can access the 4T Virtual Con recorded Elluminate sessions using this link and password:


password: 4t2011

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