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This past weekend, I agonized over my upcoming presentation for the 4T VirtualConference. Invited by Liz Kolb, a fact alone enough to render me speechless and profoundly grateful, I berated myself for not presenting virtually more often. Sure, there had been one keynote to Michigan RESC folks some time ago via Skype, a Classroom 2.0 LIVE appearance here and there (thanks to Peggy George and Kim Caise), but shyness had asserted itself too often.

Simply, I was terrified. Tonight, though, I am almost home free (1 preso tomorrow remains). My presentation today apparently didn't garner as many rotten tomatoes as I thought it might, or at least, folks were too kind to say so. Either way, my Dad's advice comes to mind--"Take every opportunity to speak in front of people that you can." It is advice that is all the more true now when it is easy to imagine people from all over the world waiting to see what you can teach them from wherever you are to where they are.

One of the fun aspects of preparing this presentation is that I usually use Keynote, but this time, I decided to use LibreOffice. It worked OK, but I found myself doing the final draft of the presentation in Keynote...but practically 80% of the work was done using LibreOffice. Why did I use Keynote? Not sure...just comfort level, I guess.

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Below is my presentation for today's Be the Moodle Admin and between you and me, I couldn't believe that my last slide arrived within the last minute of the presentation, even allowing for PBL activity at the start. It was pure luck.

Web site for this preso is online at http://bit.ly/4TVirtualConMADMIN

For those who need an aid to fall asleep, you can listen to me stutter, a blind man in a dark room, via the Elluminate recording:

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Kim Hammond said…
I am having trouble with the sound on the illuminate live recording.... is it just me?

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