Whack 'em all and let Google Sort 'em out!

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What a delight it is to read Doug Johnson's blog, Blue Skunk. Especially apt for those suffering from firehose fatigue:
Is there a point when sharing too much information (TMI) can be counter productive to getting one's message across? Are these signs I might be over-communicating?...Do I send stuff to my staff so often that it gets routinely ignored? How do you determine the right balance of too much and too little information? On which side should one err? 
The answer is YES. Absolutely YES. Wait...what was the question? One of the trends I've observed in regards to readers subscribing and hits to the blog here at Around the Corner. When I slow down and pump out only 2-3 entries a week, my readership goes UP. When I get in my writing craze, cranking 5 a day, I actually lose readers. Weird, huh? 

I've suspected folks don't actually read emails I write anymore...and I'm getting less emails, too. Does this mean I'm engaging them less or that there's just too many info-sources competing for their attention and they can't keep up? Of course, when I send an email, though, I usually get a brief response--composed on their smartphone. "Please forgive the brevity of this response; I composed it on my [name of smartphone here]."

How do you determine the right balance of too much and too little information? Quite simply--what you offer has to be emotionally engaging, relevant to the needs of the person reading, and contagious.

We could do a whole blog entry on how to craft emails and communications like that, right?
Children's Shelter resident, 5 year old Jenny doesn't know how to tie her shoes yet, but watch this video on what she wants you to help her do in school. The video plays, and her 5 year old voice comes across, "Have you seen my Mommy?"
Don't you just want to know what happens to Jenny? Well, use your imagination. I just made that up. If you clicked the link, you were engaged!

Doug also writes about blogorrhea, a technical term for too many bloggers writing about stuff. I have a confession to make--I've stopped reading my RSS feed, seldom skim my Twitter/Plurk...I dabble in Facebook these days. It's not that I don't see that information as valuable, rather that I'm plumb tired some days and want to reclaim the time.

For example, I sat down yesterday evening--after waking up from a long nap at the end of a tough work day making Moodle--with my Nook and continued working my way through the mountains of rich details in Robert Jordan's New Spring and Eye of the World. Somewhere 15 minutes in, I recaptured time.

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doug0077 said…
Hi Miguel,

I do my best to turn my "techno world" off at 6PM each evening and by about 1PM on Saturdays and Sundays, allowing me to read, watch a movie or just do something pleasurable without guilt. We all need to reclaim parts of our lives.

But I am still addicted to my GoogleReader!


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