Saturday, April 9, 2011

Safeguarding Your Logins and Passwords

Wondering how to safeguard your online passwords? There are a lot of different tools but here are some of my picks:

KeePassX - Take advantage of KeepassX. Although it has to be installed, it works great on Mac, Windows, GNU/Linux, and Android's also available for your iPhone as iKeepass in the app has a nice write-up on KeepassX.
Clipperz - If you're always on the go and have ubiquitous access to the Internet, take advantage of this solution. Setup is pretty straightforward and you'll be ready to go right away.
What do you use?

Update 01/3/2012: I now recommend the free, open source AESCrypt in lieu of AxCrypt/NCrypt as a simple, easy to use cross-platform encryption tool. Find out more here.

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Mathew said...

I know you like free and are not a Mac person but on the Mac side 1Password is great...syncs across computers and mobile devices.

Miguel Guhlin said...

I "like" free? No, Matthew, you miss is a moral imperative, a "this must be done, failure is not an option" desire for schools.


Seriously, thanks. I'm typing on a Macbook Pro right now, but running Peppermint ICE. Does that make me a Mac person or a GNU/Linux person?

With appreciation for your comment,

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