Revised Podcasting with Simple Tools Print handout #edchat

Although print tutorials seem obsolete, I have to admit that I spent some time this weekend re-working my Podcasting with Simple Tools handout. This work was done in anticipation of my preso at the Texas Library Association (TLA) Conference taking place this week in Austin.

Thanks to Mary Jo Humphreys (RoundRock ISD) for inviting me to present a podcasting workshop, which, on short notice, I suggested the title of Podcast Pizzazz. In retrospect, I probably should have just used my print handout's title!

That said, the new version updates a few piece, and includes a quick overview of's Myna Audio editor (at the end of the document). The Podcast Pizzazz workshop also includes some rough, what I hope will serve as quick video walkthroughs of a wide variety of podcasting, slidecasting, or audio tools.

Find it all online at

Everything, including the videos, is shared under Creative Commons Copyright ShareAlike-Noncommercial-Attribution so feel free to tear it apart. If you need the source files--in OpenOffice format--just use the Dropbox link to get them.

Link to print handout (40 pages in PDF).

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Kurt Paccio said…

Great work!

The web publishing guidelines and permission forms are equally as valuable as the podcasting resources. Thanks so much for sharing.

I would like to request the open office file format. I'm still a big fan of your work!

Thanks, Kurt! Long-time no see! Hope you are well.

here's the link:

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