#Moodle Tip - HTML Editor Works on #iPad

This morning, a colleague in Texas wrote me with this question:
Our district is looking at purchasing iPads, and I was wondering if you had any experience with Moodle on the iPad?  Our district has been using Moodle, and would like to continue that, but it seems that Safari Mobile and Moodle don't play well together.  (Safari doesn't really play well with Moodle on the laptop either.)  I have tried downloading other browser apps, and I do gain a little more functionality, but not complete.  Just curious if you have any suggestions or thoughts.

You may recall that I'd written about this recently here. Today, I had a chance to stand next to a team-mate and coach them through the solution I ended up sending the person asking the question above.
Hola! Here is the solution:
1) Make sure you are running Moodle 1.9.11. It provides support for various browsers. Upgrading is a straightforward process; how to video appears here - http://moodlemayhem.org
2) Install Terra Internet Browser (it's free). Safari on your iPad won't work, nor will a browser identifying itself as Safari iPad work. You need a different browser and Terra is it. After installing Terra, you will need to click on the gear indicating preferences and change how Terra identifies itself to Firefox 3.6.
I just double-checked this solution 2 minutes ago so it works. This gives you full access to the HTML editor when posting/replying in the Forum, etc.
The solution to the problem came originally from Jon Fila, where he wrote the following:
1. Download the Terra browser. It's free. It looks better than Safari (more like Chrome).
2. Click on Settings, it looks like a cog just like on the homescreen on the top right.
3. Click Identify As
4. Select FireFox 3.6

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