Friday, April 1, 2011

Finding Jobs in a Texas Budget Hurricane @tcea #jobs #employment #edchat

Here's another resource to add for Texas job hunters....
TCEA was excited to announce the revised TCEA Job Board. The revisions include a self-publishing option with editing and deleting capabilities. Job categories are available for technology directors, system/network administrators, teachers, librarians, administrators, and other. Both full and part-time positions are listed. Those pursuing a new career may search all available postings. Also, if you follow TCEA on Twitter (@tcea), a tweet is published each time a new job is added. This is a great way to stay informed. This week alone, we’ve had more than 1,000 views. If you have a job opportunity to share, please take advantage of this great resource. There is no fee to either post or search for jobs. 
And, of course, here's my list of places to find Education-related jobs in Texas:
  1.'s Career Center - This is one of the best sites around to find out about new jobs. While it doesn't have ALL jobs available, you will find more here than anywhere else.
  2. Texas Education Agency's (TEA) School District Jobs - This is a collaborative effort by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas WorkForce Commission. Definitely worth checking out. For example, I did a search based on a zip code in my city. Unfortunately, the result just has you going to individual district/charter school job sites. Not strictly providing a list of jobs, but if you're are hoping to relocate to another city, it's worth a look.
  3. Education Service Center Job Pages - includes web sites from regional education service centers that offer district employment networks, enabling one application to work for all the districts they serve, or at least, sharing open positions at school districts. Some of these include the following: 
    1. ASCD Job Ramp
    2. ESC-1 Employment Opportunities
    3. ESC-2 Coastal Bend Application Tracking System
    4. ESC-6
    5. ESC-7 Jobs
    6. ESC-9
    7. ESC-10 Teacher Job Network
    8. ESC-11 DFW Area Application System
    9. ESC-12 
    10. ESC-13 
    11. ESC-14 
    12. ESC-16
    13. ESC-17
  4. TCEA Jobs - Find technology and education related jobs online.
  5. - You'll find jobs on this listing.
  6. Search Engine - Easy to use search engine that enables you to type in your city and type of job you want. For example, here's a search for Educational Technology as well as different one for education.
  7. Texas Cares Online 
  8. Teachers.Net
  9. Education America
  10. Texas NonProfits Job Search

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