Saturday, April 2, 2011

Do Not Go Gentle

Flickr image from Academy of American Poets

I loved this quote from Sheridan Blau as cited on Bud Hunt's blog via James Gray's Teachers at the Center in a desperate effort to save the National Writing Project. 
Having experienced what it means to learn in a community of learners, teachers are inclined to count such learning as more authoritative and authentic than any other and to think of such learning as the proper aim of instruction. They therefore become determined to turn their own classrooms into learning communities that will function like a writing project, where respect for the intelligence of every learner is the starting place for all activity, and where all learners are expected and required to take responsibility for their own learning as well as for assisting others to learn — a community where learning entails the production of knowledge as well as its reception, and where knowledge is always seen as provisional and subject to challenge and refinement. 
My jaded thoughts on the matter of federal and state government spending? If it isn't making legislators or their campaign contributors money, serves some genuine good to public education, then it's not worth keeping. Still, fight on. Do not go gentle in that...night.

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