Black Beauty Reflection 4 - At Work and Clinic

Believe it or not, I'm actually writing this entry from the room of a TexasMedClinic waiting for my Mom to return from getting an X-ray. Over the last few days, I've carried the Google CR-48 Notebook into work meetings, pulled it out while waiting for my tlapeno chicken soup at Rosario's restaurant (just scrumptious soup) to read and reflect, and now, a clinic. It's great to show problems to my Mom while we're at the Clinic:

To be blunt, the CR-48 is just great for cloud computing. I didn't expect I'd have such an opinion, especially after finding out what it did NOT do. I figured I'd be running around wishing I could do something and then being constantly disappointed. But it's slowly replacing my phone as the tool to use for writing (I AM a writer), and it's MUCH lighter than other devices I have at my disposal. While I still wish I could capture images with the built-in webcam, or save content onto an external device, I've resigned myself to not being able to.

Chrome browser sync'd across multiple computers and operating systems.

It reminds me of a constant problem non-techie people have. They are always trying to get the technology to do more than it was designed to, while others accept the limits of that technology then work creatively to overcome the obstacles. As I consider the CR-48, I realize that I was going through the same process of shedding my expectations for what a device that looks like this can do, and accepting it, so that way, I could get it going. 

To share what I've enjoyed about it? Well, it's the instant on part. Simple, huh?

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