Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Backing Up and Restoring a #Moodle Course

I had one of our techs zip our 8th grade assessment course (so I could share it), but the zip is 101MB.  Is that normal?  It seems to me the ones I have seen in the past are only a couple of MBs.

If that isn't right do you have a quick to follow set of instructions for how to properly backup a course?
Below is my response to the question above, although I have included the tutorial videos that I wished for in my original email now that I've had time to make them.

Howdy! Yes, a backup of a course can be quite large depending on the documents embedded in it. For example, drop a few videos in, and you might very well end up with a few hundred megs or even a few gigs (which can be a problem). That's why I've taken to hosting videos separate from my Moodle course and just linking to them.
Powerpoints, Word docs, etc. will also add space...100 megs isn't that big by comparison. Average size of a well-developed course can be that big or more! Another recommendation I make is how to convert content so that it doesn't take up so much space. For example, you can put Powerpoints in as embedded Slideshare/Sliderocket/ShowBeyond/Voicethreads and that hardly takes up any room (it's just data in the dbase).
To make a backup of a course, you simply go to the Backup link on a Course Admin panel and then take it from there, with end result being a dated zip file of the course. 
To backup a Moodle instance, you have to export the MySQL dbase, backup the web pages, and the MoodleData folder (which houses documents).
I don't have video tutorials for either backup process but once I do, I'll be happy to share that with you...check and click on Workshops and Moodle Administration.
So in my response, I refer to two difference to backup a Moodle course and how to backup a Moodle instance. When I wrote the response above, I'd forgotten that I DID have a video on Backing up a Moodle Instance online at in the Video Tutorials section.

  1. How To Backup a Moodle Instance - This is a backup of your entire Moodle instance, including database, MoodleData folder, and web folder.
  2. How to Backup a Moodle Course - Simple backup of a Moodle course without users or roles.
  3. Restoring a Moodle Course

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