Android App Spotlight - TuneInRadio

As a radio junkie, I hate going places where I can't listen to my favorite radio stations...whether those are in San Antonio, Texas or music from Panama, my country of birth. Like many kids, I loved sitting next to my Dad's "international" radio and twiddling the dials to listen to radio broadcasts from somewhere in the world. Although that radio passed to my eldest brother--apparently, he enjoyed listening to it, too--the feeling of being able to twitch the dials and "listen in" still captivates me.

That's why I was delighted to discover TuneIn Radio, an Android app that lets you listen to radio stations from everywhere. What fun it was to play a Panamanian radio station for my 82 year old mother, broadcasting in Spanish. "You're listening to that on your phone?" Hook up some speakers to your phone while streaming the radio via WiFi connection, and you can twitch the dials to your heart's delight.

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