Friday, April 8, 2011

Advocate for Rigorous Technology Applications Courses

A message from Jennifer Bergland at TCEA Advocacy Blog via email:

This is your last chance to have a say in what will be taught and learned in the Technology Application courses.  Please forward this message to anyone who has influence in this area in your district
The State Board Of Education will be receiving comments on the Technology Applications TEKS until next Tuesday (April 12th).  The SBOE begins meeting on Wednesday.  They will take testimony on the TEKS on Thursday, and then approve them on Friday.
Take time to review the revisions of the TEKS.  You can find them here:
You can send your comments to this address:  Please include the subchapter with your comments. I am trying to track the comments, so please either carbon me on your email or forward it to me.  
Also, we need people to come to Austin to provide testimony.  The meeting in which testimony will be taken is on Thursday morning.  Again, if you plan on coming to Austin to provide testimony, let me know.  If you want to provide testimony but can't come, you can submit a written testimony.  Use the same email address to send your written testimony.
This is something teachers will live with for possibly 8 years.  Let's make sure the state has rigorous and relevant Technology Applications TEKS!

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