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Over the last few years, one of the things I've been searching for is a tutorial on Moodle Administration that puts it all in one place. So, I decided to make my own and share it. Whether it will be up to your standards is another question, but I hope it satisfies mine--a quick intro to Moodle Administration in 100 pages or less. There are a LOT of screenshots and if you've been reading Around the Corner MoodleTips, you'll undoubtedly recognize some of them.

Here's the table of contents:
  1. Introduction – Companions Ponder the Journey Ahead and Useful Web Sites
  2. Into the Dungeon's Bowels - Server Management
  3. Software to Setup a Server from Scratch
    1. Setting Up a XAMPP Server on Windows
    2. Setting Up a XAMPP Server on Macintosh
    3. Customizing the PHP.INI Configuration File
  4. Installing Moodle
    1. 3 Parts of A Moodle Installation
      1. Part 1 – Creating the MySQL Database
      2. Part 2 – Creating the MoodleData Folder
      3. Part 3 – Working with Moodle PHP Files and Moodle Installation
  5. Your Moodle Config.php file
  6. Backing Up and Restoring Individual Courses
  7. Cloning Your Moodle Instance
  8. Modifying Session Cookies to Keep Moodle Instances Apart
  9. Implementing Moodle Themes, Modules and Blocks
  10. Transported through the Tunnels of Doom – Interacting with MySQL Databases
    1. How to do SQL Dumps and run simple SQL Commands
    2. How to use phpMyAdmin, SQLYog, and Navicat Lite
    3. Optimizing Your MySQL Database
  11. Provisioning for Success – Working with Moodle Modules
    1. Managing Multimedia Filters to Allow Embedding of Content
    2. Embedding Video Playlists
    3. Making RSS Work for You
    4. Building Photo Galleries with Lightbox Gallery
    5. Elluminate Your Moodle
  12. Scaling the Cliffs of Catastrophe - Upgrading Your Moodle
    1. Preparing Your Moodle 1.9.x. Database for Moodle 2.0 Transition
    2. Upgrading Your Moodle 1.9.x Instance to Moodle 2.0
I also wanted to have a bit of fun, so...I hope you don't mind, I wrote up this short introduction. Maybe it will need to be taken out, and, if so, I'm sure readers will tell me. Anyone who has read Dragonlance will get parallel world flashbacks.

“Come on,” urged the elf in ranger's garb, “our guide awaits us just ahead!” He expected no trouble, having tucked his weapons into the beaten, grass-stained travel pack that clung like a dried mud-stain to his forest green cloak. His companions, including a charming, albeit garrulous troll who paused to scratch at the iron-hued bark that passed for a chin, grumbled, “Ah, Floresthantaluss, not all of us have your speed and grace in this journey. Let me rest a moment beneath my brother's shade,” gesturing at an oak that bent the sunlight away from a clump of stone clustered like chatting children, their heads leaned in one towards the other. 
“Aye,” remarked Glickencap, a frosty mountain dwarf, whose helm's top-knot only came to the knee of Rackalonge, the troll who had collapsed in exhaustion on the stones. “Privy to your plans, I am, and a moment's rest in this grove will be one of the few we enjoy as we journey forward into the Lands of Moodle.” He shifted the double-bladed axe, carried faithfully into scores of battles with ORCS, also known as Ostentatious Recurring Cost Systems (e.g. Blackboard, Desire2Learn). A dry twig snapped in twain, the sound reverberating within the grove of gargantuan oak, and the dwarf sprang back, fumbling for his axe, his goodnatured smile disappearing as the creature that had trailed behind them made itself known. Rackalonge half-opened an eyelid, moving not a finger to the magnificent mace given to him by the tribal elders for his victory over the Gnomes of Gartana. 
A shadow parted from the encroaching dark, a wizard as mysterious as the others were plain, his staff clutched in a taloned, 3-fingered hand with sharp claws at each tip. “Who iss thiss thee would have us halt our creeping forsss, Floresthantaluss?” 
“So good to see you've caught up with us, Hawkclaw!” replied the elf with enthusiasm. Though his companions feared the sibilant avian creature who had stripped his wings during his wizards trial in the Mazes of WebCT, Floresthantaluss knew his friend too well. “Just ahead is my friend, a human mage who has recorded his journey into the Land of Moodle and will provide us with what we need to achieve our objective.” 
“Ho the camp,” a cheerful voice called. “You've stopped just down the trail, and it would seem a shame not to drop by for a friendly visit.” A human, who reached only to the shoulder of the towering troll, ambled forward, his hands open and outstretched, a brown leather bag slung over his shoulder, a sigil of golden arches emblazoned on its side. “Well-met, Miguelitoguhlino,” responded the elf, his enthusiastic leap bringing him into a welcome arm-clasp with the human. “You bring a friend?" 
“Yes, a fellow Moodle mage and storyteller! Let us be known to one another so we may plan the journey ahead!”
Get the PDF 
...of the tutorial available under Creative Commons Copyright ShareAlike-NonCommercial-Attribution but before you do, make a donation!

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