Friday, April 15, 2011

4T VirtualCon - Teachers Teaching Teachers About Technology @lkolb #edchat

I predict that this will be the year of virtual conferences!! Moodle usage is exploding, and it's obvious that elearning grows in prominence. By next year, if not sooner, I have no doubt we'll be buried in elearning experts. To get that flow started (smile), here are my session ideas for the 4T VirtualCon:

Moodle Mayhem - Optimizing Professional eLearning OpportunitiesProfessional learning challenges enable us to show off our instructional design capabilities using technology. Moodle, a course management system, enables professional learning opportunities that can reach a wide audience with diverse needs. Learn how you can optimize professional learning in your K-12 adult learning environment.
Strand: Teaching- Prepare and Connect -
Moodle Mayhem - Be the Moodle Administrator!Want to get Moodle started in your learning environment but don't know what questions to ask? Or, have questions but don't know the answers? Then this session can get you started down the road of Moodle administration. Participants should show up with two computers, one they wish to load Moodle on and another they will participate in the workshop through.
Strand: Teaching- Prepare and Connect -

This is a third preso that I haven't submitted.
Moodle Mayhem - 10 Instructional Use Scenarios of MoodleNot sure how to use Moodle to enhance K-12 student learning? Explore 10 approaches--with practical suggestions on how to arrange your Moodle, structure learning objectives, and engage students--that involve Moodle.
Strand: Teaching- Prepare and Connect -
Why don't you submit a preso?

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