Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4T Um Virtual Conference Presentations @lkolb @lisadawley @barryfishman @teach42 @mguhlin @jpk38 @kmtitler

As I shared before, I have the distinct pleasure of presenting at the 4T UM Virtual Conference--follow them on Twitter--taking place towards the end of May. I'm fortunate to share the virtual stage with folks like Steve Dembo (name-dropping, notice that?), and many others whom I unworthy to tie their sandal straps!

Here are the two sessions I'll be facilitating (I had to use this time converter to get things straight)
MONDAY, May 23rd5:15pm-6:15pm EST or 4:15-5:15 PM CSTMonday KeynoteMoodle Mayhem - Be the Moodle Administrator! 
Session Type:  Workshop Presenter:  Miguel Guhlin, Director of Instructional TechnologySan Antonio ISD, Texas, Past President of the state-wide TCEA Technology Education Coordinators. 
 Tech Plan Strand:  Teaching: Prepare and Connect & Infrastructure: Access and Enable 
Session Description:Want to get Moodle started in your learning environment but don't know what questions to ask? Or, have questions but don't know the answers? Then this session can get you started down the road of Moodle administration. Participants should show up with two computers, one they wish to load Moodle on and another they will participate in the workshop through. This is a hands-on workshop. 
Twitter:  @mguhlin 
This is an SB-CEU Session 

TUESDAY, May 24th5:15pm-6:15pm EST or 4:15-5:15 PM CSTMoodle Mayhem - Optimizing Professional eLearning OpportunitiesSession Type:  Poster and DiscussionPresenter:  Miguel Guhlin, Director of Instructional TechnologySan Antonio ISD, Texas, Past President of the state-wide TCEA Technology Education Coordinators.  Tech Plan Strand(s): Teaching: Prepare and ConnectSession Description:Professional learning challenges enable us to show off our instructional design capabilities using technology. Moodle, a course management system, enables professional learning opportunities that can reach a wide audience with diverse needs. Learn how you can optimize professional learning in your K-12 adult learning environment.http://www.mguhlin.org/ Twitter:  @mguhlinThis is an SB-CEU Session
Of course, there are tons of other awesome sessions that I'm looking forward to even as I'm feverishly preparing for mine. Not having facilitated an online hands-on workshop, that's going to be a first for me! At least I won't have to suffer actual tomatoes flying through the room, mean glances in the parking lot...but you can send virtual versions of those to my Twitter account at "mguhlin." 

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