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Nifty! NorthEast ISD has made it possible for parents to check their child's grades, do other stuff available via a mobile interface to their web site. While it's not an App, a friendlier web presence for mobile devices is certainly welcome!

Here's the announcement they shared:
We have made it easier for you to monitor your child’s progress in school by creating the Parent Portal Mobile service. This mobile service gives you information about your child’s daily performance in school, such as checking your student’s grades, attendance or class assignments all through the web browser on your mobile device. It's an easy, secure way to monitor your student’s information anywhere. (Contact your mobile carrier for any charges that may apply to web browser usage on your mobile device.) 
You can log in immediately on your mobile device at with your Parent Portal user name and password. 
Through your mobile phone, you can access information about your student anywhere. It also serves as another communication tool to help you become more involved with their child by providing a virtual window into the classroom. We hope that you will use Parent Portal Mobile regularly so that all of us – parents, teachers and administrators – can form a stronger partnership to ensure student success. 
If you need any assistance with Parent Portal Mobile, please contact the Help Desk at 210-805-5315. 

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