Mobile Phone Drama - GoogleVoice It

David Pogue shared a nifty tip about Google Voice at the TCEA 2011 State Conference closing keynote...essentially, you could make free phone calls using Google Voice if you first called Voice, then asked it to call you back when a call was completed.

Yeah, I didn't get it either...and I forgot about it, except as one more thing to learn until, while browsing for a Google Voice app on my phone, I ran across Google Voice Callback app for Android. It's described in this way:

This app detects your outgoing call, and uses Google Voice (GV) to call you back and connect you to the call. Detailed controls giving YOU the flexibility and power to choose when and for which numbers to use callback with Google Voice.
Google Voice Callback can be combined with Gizmo5/Sipdroid/Fring/Sipgate or other VOIP solutions to make free calls over wifi or 3G.
Well, what else do you need to know? Make free calls over wifi or 3G. Ok, I'm sold. Some other features:
- Auto-answer the callback call- Call log clean up: call log looks like just as you would expect when placing an outgoing call- Turn callback on/off with flexible weekly schedule- Filter whether to use callback by number/wildcard- Can use Google Voice accounts on the phone (no password needed)- Home screen shortcut to toggle on/off- Locale/Tasker plugin to turn on/off
For fun, I tried it out while travelling this past weekend. Yes, it worked (only in the U.S.)...try it out!

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