Michigan #Algebra Teacher Shares Free #Tutorials Videos #edchat

The following email arrived in my inbox at work, and I thought it was spam for a moment. When I emailed Kathy Ferguson (email author), she wrote me back right away and granted permission to share her email. I asked her about whether there was any cost to the site, and Kathy pointed out nothing but advertising:
There is no cost.  We do have some commercials on the videos to help cover some of the costs of the server.  The commercials are from a teen channel.
Here is the original email:

Hello.  I am an algebra teacher at a public school in Michigan and part of a project to create a free online program specifically designed to help all kids learn algebra.
Components of the program are:
¨      Over 190 online lessons that read aloud to students,
¨      Videos with teenage honor students explaining the math,
¨      Online quizzes, and
¨      Hundreds of printable cross curricular “Famous Old Dudes” worksheets with information on where to go for extra help.
We are in the process of adding pre/post tests to each unit too. 
On our home page, select “Free Lessons”. Our home page is http://www.mathops.com. The first three sections are review. Please look past those first three sections to get to the heart of the program. There is a movie on the demo page, http://mathops.com/demo.php that acts as a tutorial. 
If you like what you see, please forward this email on to others (math teachers, special education teachers, parents or students) who may be interested. Teachers may use this site in the lab with all of their students for whole class instruction or review. Many special education teachers are using the site to help support regular classroom instruction. Many students are using the site for homework help at home. 
Make sure you take a look at the worksheets. We have put a great deal of time into this and had much success with the students using it. 
You do not need to sign up. Please use the free lessons. Email if you have any questions or suggestions. We would love to hear what you think. I hope this site helps your students. 
Kathy Ferguson

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