#DIY - Make Your Own Bootable #USB #Flash Drives on #Mac


There's a new button on the UNETBOOTIN web page...you can now use UNETBOOTIN to create bootable flash drives on Macintosh! This is a great step forward and exciting. Until recently, you couldn't use Mac to create a bootable flash drive of a GNU/Linux distribution easily with UNETBOOTIN (see how I qualified that? sigh). I explored the lack in the articles linked in this blog entry.

Although I've created bootable flash drives using UNETBOOTIN, as well as USB Universal Installer, none of them worked on my Macbook. I always had to create a CD from an ISO file...and booting from CD takes such a LONG time, as compared to a USB flash drive (about all I carry these days).

Although I don't have time to try it now, I'm looking forward to trying it sometime this weekend, creating a bootable flash drive that will work on Mac. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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