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Amazon Cloud Drive @amazon #cloudstorage

As much as I like my Google storage space (80gigs), my SugarSync (20 gigs free), Dropbox (4 gigs free), I have to admit that cloud storage is a bit scattered. I'm obviously overpaying Google ($20 a year for 80+ gigs) since I only use about 10 gigs. But if I were able to interact with Google the way I do with Dropbox, I'd easily use it a LOT more. Darn, I sure wish Google storage was a bit more like Dropbox or SugarSync...hmm.

Enter Amazon Cloud Drive. Some of the benefits jumping out at me? 5 gigs free to start with. That's my entire music collection (well, I don't listen to all that much)...or about 1200 songs20 gig bump when you buy an album of music from Amazon (gee, how much is that?)Songs purchased from Amazon don't count against your storage on Amazon. Amazon Cloud Player which is like iTunes in the! I didn't like iTunes because 1) It's proprietary; 2) It's computer-based...I float among different operating systems and computers in my w…

Get Great #SAT Prep for $45 from @kaptestnews #edchat

Note: Be sure to take advantage of the offer below making Kaplan's SAT/ACT prep available at a fraction of the total cost.A few months ago, I shared that Kaplan had asked me to review their Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) online preparation course. I wasn't that enthused about reviewing test prep, until my brain woke up and made a connection--my daughter, Aida, was going to be taking the SAT in Spring, 2011. My perspective changed...wouldn't your's as a parent?

So, after checking with my daughter, I let Kaplan know, "Sure, let's try it out." And, that led to the following series shared at the end of this blog entry. My only regret? I wish I'd know about their PSAT Prep; most of you probably know that PSAT scores are used for National Merit Scholar consideration. One of my favorite stories is how, after one student scored very well on PSAT, they started receiving invitations to accept "full ride scholarships" from big universities. Looking for …

Top 5 Reasons to Reject CSHB1 #txedbudget #txlege

anyone have a video like this for Texas?

The Impact of Budget Cuts in Education from WNDR News on Vimeo. via Clif Mims

Note -Get the PDF of this document online at the Center for Public Policy Priorities. Here is the text and it's well worth reading. Thanks to CPPP for putting it together!
1. The proposed budget is totally inadequate to meet the needs of Texas. As we explain in our Overview of House Budget Proposal (CSHB 1) for 2012-13 and accompanying Summary Charts, the House Appropriation Committee’s budget proposal for 2012-13 is 23 percent below the $214 billion needed in All-Funds to merely maintain  the state’s already lean  current services. The proposed budget makes damaging cuts to public education, higher education, and health and human services.  It does not meet our state’s needs. 
2. The proposed budget damages our economy in the short run. In the short run, as the Legislative Budget Board explains in its dynamic economic impact statement, under the proposed budget, Texan…

#Moodle Mayhem Meet-Up at TCEA 2011

Thanks to Dr. Richard Smith for sharing his reflections on the MoodleMayhem members meet-up at TCEA 2011 in February, 2011! Wow, that seems like an eternity ago! Lots of great questions were asked and some day (sigh), I'll find where I saved the audio recording of that meeting. For now, we can read Dr. Smith's reflections in his publication from the University of Houston at Clear Lake!
Once again, attending the Texas Computer Education Association Conference (held February 8 – 11, 2011 in Austin, Texas) proved to be worthwhile. One of the more interesting sessions I attended was a quickly arranged meeting of the Moodle Mayhemmembers. Founded by the peripatetic Miguel Guhlin, Moodle Mayhem is entirely focused on the non-commercial sharing of Moodle ideas via its listserv and website. This meeting gave many of the members their first opportunity to meet in real time. The meeting was quite productive and a real opportunity to make contacts.If you were there, why not share your imp…

Unetbootin on Mac Update

A little while ago, I wrote about Unetbootin on Mac. The response from Rezuan Asrah:Rezuan Asrah said...
I have just tried unetbootin for Mac on 10.6.6 and it didn't work. Hanged when trying to set the bootloader.I just tried it and the process appeared to fail at the exact same place as Rezuan's comment's what it looked like:

I've yet to see if this is a persistent USB or not, but I will let you know! In the meantime, it's great I was able to take Peppermint ICE ISO and make it into a bootable USB Flash drive! What a time-saver not having to boot to GNU/Linux or Windows to make this happen! And, if persistence is possible, wow.
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Last Minute - PBL Homework Assignment Help

Over the weekend, someone sent me the following email asking for last minute help: I thank you for putting your problem based guidelines on the web. I am a teaching student and I must try to pull together a pbl lesson plan by saturday. I will be using the topic of the lack of parental involvement in middle schools. we have to start at the problem, go through the research, using technology and media to present our position and come up with real life possible solutions. I am going to try to use your guidelines to make this happen. I am scared to death. Do you have any pointers to help make this happen in only two days?I'm guessing this person was referring to my posts on Problem-based Learning. Although I was on the road when the request came in, I took a moment on waking up on Saturday morning to write down the came pretty quickly since I can almost do this in my sleep: Saturday? That's today...less than 24 hours. I wish you all the best!8-> Seriously, this may …

#DIY - Make Your Own Bootable #USB #Flash Drives on #Mac

There's a new button on the UNETBOOTIN web can now use UNETBOOTIN to create bootable flash drives on Macintosh! This is a great step forward and exciting. Until recently, you couldn't use Mac to create a bootable flash drive of a GNU/Linux distribution easily with UNETBOOTIN (see how I qualified that? sigh). I explored the lack in the articles linked in this blog entry.
Although I've created bootable flash drives using UNETBOOTIN, as well as USB Universal Installer, none of them worked on my Macbook. I always had to create a CD from an ISO file...and booting from CD takes such a LONG time, as compared to a USB flash drive (about all I carry these days).
Although I don't have time to try it now, I'm looking forward to trying it sometime this weekend, creating a bootable flash drive that will work on Mac. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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#iPad Browser Experimentation with #Moodle

There's an iPad sitting in my office at work, and I'm loathe to try it out. But, I must since it will be a key part of a new initiative (grant-funded, I hope). Of course, accessing Moodle via an iPad is important. Although the latest version of Moodle 1.9.11 allows for a more friendly HTML editor to browsers like Google Chrome, etc., and I've already effected an upgrade, I was thrilled to read the following tip from Jon Fila:
1. Download the Terra browser. It's free. It looks better than Safari (more like Chrome).

2. Click on Settings, it looks like a cog just like on the homescreen on the top right.

3. Click Identify As

4. Select FireFox 3.6
With Terra browser on iPad, apparently you can take full advantage of the HTML editor in Moodle. I'm not sure if Safari on iPad would work with HTML editing on a Moodle 1.9.11 site, but it appears Jon's solution will regardless.
I'm looking forward to giving this a try sometime next week! In the meantime, anyone else tried i…