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Thanks to bloggers attending the TCEA 2011 State Conference, I'm able to get a better feel for the presentations that took place centered around this topic. It's unbelievable to imagine I missed attending an entire strand of GoogleApps for Education, but since GoogleApps for Education hasn't been adopted in my teaching, learning and leading situation, I decided to focus my efforts on other technologies, such as the Moodle Academy, which was very rewarding to be at...I truly enjoyed sharing my three presentations and listening to others.

That said, as a Google Certified Administrator (March, 2010), I'm still engaged by the possibilities of GoogleApps for Education adoption at the school, district, state levels. In reviewing blog entries tagged TCEA and GoogleApps, here are some of my take-aways:
WOISD uses GAFE all the way down to third grade. They allow high school students to use personal Gmail accounts and Google Apps so they can build a digital footprint of their own without having to export the data from WO GAFE at the end of high school...Google Apps improves ENGAGEMENT, which in turn improves LEARNING when implemented well by teachers. No tool on its own improves learning.
Example Project: Google form embedded in a blog where students are recording trout hatching in an acquarium over time. Collaborating with an elementary school in Austin who also has an acquarium and keeping track through shared Google docs. 
(Source: Scott Floyd as cited by EdTechSandyK)
Thanks to EdTechSandyK for blogging. Here are my notes from skimming her blog entries and a few others at TCEA 2011:
  1. Use GoogleDocs to convert PDF files when you upload them.
  2. Become a GoogleApps Trainer - relevant links to becoming a GoogleApps Trainer include the following (via EdTechSandyK)
    1. Apps for Education Certified Training Website
    2. Google Apps Education Training Center
      http://edutraining.googleapps.com/ and 
      Videos - http://www.screencast.com/users/urenglishteacher/folders/Jing/media/366b5600-5024-4045-8aaf-9b37ec5e3d47
    3. K-12 Guide to Going Google
  3. Information Literacy Tools (via EdTechSandyK) are available through GoogleTools worth investigating, such as:
    1. Google Squared
    2. Google Wonder Wheel - Look in left column of a Google results page for the link
    3. Google Scholar - look for professional content (white papers, legal briefs, etc)
    4. Google Image Swirl - Similar to Wonder Wheel but for images. Categorizes the type of image you are looking for.
    5. Google SMS
      • Search Google via text messages
      • Text message query to: 466453
    6. Soople.com
    7. Using Magic Fill and Google Lookup and Google Beatbox (via Elaine Plybon's Cruel Shoes)
  4. GoogleApps in Middle School - Amy Hopkins did a presentation and shared relevant information:
    1. Links to Presentation http://scr.bi/fu4LbV or http://bit.ly/if4vF8
    2. Read more about it here
  5. Guide on Going GoogleEdu - eduguide.googleapps.com
    1. Leslie Fisher gave the presentation, available online  
    2. GoogleArt Project - http://www.googleartproject.com/
  6. 50 Ways to Use GoogleApps in 50 Minutes
You can find more resources online at the TCEA Google Academy 2011 web site and a great list on AcademicBiz.

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Sandy Kendell said…
Miguel, I'm so glad my blogs contained information that was useful to you. The TCEA Google Academy day was my first attempt at live blogging, and I was pleased with knowing all my notes would be easy to find in the coming weeks as we discuss GAFE in my district, but I am even more pleased that the information is useful to others as well. Also, I am embarassed that I cannot spell "aquarium" on the fly, and have corrected the spelling in my original post!

A colleage of mine, @digitallearners, also blogged at the TCEA Google academy, and we intentionally attended different sessions to get as much coverage as possible. Anyone who is interested in more information can read her posts here: http://digital-learners.blogspot.com/search/label/google%20academy.

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