@SugarSync Reflections

Now that I've been using SugarSync for a few days, I have some reflections to share. Nothing earth-shattering but....

  1. The File Manager just gets in the way. On UbuntuLinux, it doesn't work. On Windows and Mac, I don't want to run a program to access my files, I just want to get to them. Yes, a la Dropbox.
  2. Magic Briefcase doesn't work all that great. 
  3. There's all these arcane things you have to do to get access to SugarSync folder controls to unlink them or whatever.
Advice? Simplify your user interface, SugarSync. You've got a nice thing going but all the file manager garbage just gets in the way of my productivity...and that's bad.

What do I like?
  1. Lots of space available, especially when friends sign up.
  2. Your monthly packages are competitive
  3. I love the passworded folders access via the Web. Nice touch.
  4. Android works just fine, although I wish I could delete files from there.
  5. Nice bird icon.

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