Skitch - Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Skitch, which ran on beta FOREVER, is finally charging approx $15.00 a year. Ouch. These $15 per year apps are killing my rapidly shrinking budget (remember, like many Texas educators, about 80,000, I'm due to be unemployed). Yet, it seems WRONG TO not PAY for SKITCH, when I must have grabbed thousands of images, annotated them, and then uploaded it to their image hosting service.

I feel guilty about it. And, I had to ask them this question, even though I was getting stomach pangs:
Is there an easy way to download all the images I've uploaded to Skitch? In other words, is there a way to "liberate" my data from Skitch?
Practicing liberation when it comes to cloud apps is easy. If you couldn't pull your data out of Google, Dropbox, or any of the other zillion tools available, you might get worried (I would). But Skitch, the most awesome image editor ever produced and that fortunately a lot of folks copied while they were in beta, holding on to your images doesn't seem wrong.

Walking the Exhibit Floor at TCEA, I ran into a rep, and just had to thank him for Skitch. "Thanks, guy, for such an awesome Mac app!"
"Your welcome but you know we spun them off right?"
"Yes, but I just want to thank SOMEONE."

Of course, raving about Skitch is easy. Paying for it is...well, hard.

And, getting one's data out of their site?'s the response I got:
Thank you for your email — I'm very sorry that you haven't received a reply until now because of a mess up here. It was my mistake, please accept my humble apologies.
There's no way currently to bulk download your images, but it's on our to do.
Thank you for your patience
You are welcome! I'm the one that feels like a heel.

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Allanah King said…
I always said that Skitch was so good I would actually pay for it and there are very few things that I can say that about.

Skitch offered me a year's free Skitch to thank me for being part of the initial beta.

$15 US = $20 NZ

I would pay for Delicious as well!


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